Teleprompter Uses You Should Know!

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Teleprompter Uses

Enhance your videos, presentations, and films with these three unique teleprompter setups. And as always, if you have any questions please reach out to us directly at [email protected] or drop us a line on Instagram @prompster.

Interrotron Teleprompter

Hey, so you’re watching a Netflix documentary, and 10 minutes into the program you get to the typical interview ‘talking-head’ scene. A scientist answers questions, but she’s not looking directly at the camera, and instead, her eyes gaze away at some unseen person.

What’s up with that, and why isn’t she looking at us – the viewers at home?

It beats us.

Filmmakers use the ‘off the lens’ interview style far too often. It’s a ‘go to’ technique that we think should change. Viewers want engaging content with experts that can evoke emotion and empathy that only direct eye-contact can make possible.

Thanks to Errol Morris, the inventor of the Interrotron –  two teleprompters and two cameras wired together  – your talent can answer questions directly to the camera, creating an intimate connection with the audience.

An Interrotron prevents your talent from gazing into a cold, dark camera lens, and the Interrotron projects a director or producer’s face into the teleprompter screen.

We like that and we want talent to speak directly to the audience. The eye contact during these engaging interviews evokes empathy, confidence, and opennesses.

Makeup/Product Tutorials

Makeup companies, YouTubers, and fashionistas find this unique use shareable!

When you’re applying makeup directly into the camera – how do you know if you’re putting it on correctly? Well, you don’t.

The talent will smear their lipstick, cause an unnecessary amount of takes, the shoot will go into overtime and finish over budget.

Teleprompters change that! Hook it up to the camera’s feed, and watch your talent apply their pink gloss with ease.

And, if you’re a Youtuber teaching viewers how to tie a tie or teaching people shaving techniques, looking into the camera builds a connection with the audience and attracts a loyal following.

Powerpoint or Keynote Presentations

Powerpoint presentations more your style? If you’re delivering a powerpoint or keynote presentation to the camera, behind you might be a projection of the slide deck.  Instead, pop the deck into a teleprompter and engage with your audience.

Know what’s on each slide and maintain eye-contact with your audience throughout the entire presentation, and watch as your coworkers and employees engage with your content and build a dialogue around your intended message.

Check out our blog post about which teleprompter rental would be perfect for your next production or event!

2 Comments on “Teleprompter Uses You Should Know!”

  1. You did a great job of explaining the uses of a Teleprompter. We are looking for this so we can use it for our wedding presentation project. It’s my husband’s idea to collect all the baby pictures of our daughter and make a slide presentation of how she grew up to her latest pictures.

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