Teleprompter Tips: Level-Up your Speaking Skills

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Speaking skills are often overlooked because of the anxiety surrounding public speaking. We often try to avoid speaking in public or we make excuses as to why our speaking skills are not as polished as they could be.

With these few Prompster approved steps, we want to ease the nerves and jitters surrounding speaking skills. Public speaking is fast becoming a way to advance your career and develop more meaningful work-relationships and advance your personal or public goals.

Take us on a journey

Let’s hear your story. An effective way to connect and bond with your audience is through personal stories. Craft your speech around an event that brought you to an ‘aha’ moment.

Keep it Focused

A well-told story is awesome — but make sure it has a central theme that can inspire and motivate. Your audience will only retain about 30% of your material — so make sure to repeat and reinforce your core ideas. Even if you think you are belaboring the point — keep nailing it home with different examples and techniques like personal stories, visual-aids, or real-life scenarios.

Be a Problem Solver

Have a big idea that you’re ready to tackle. Start with the status quo and reveal what you and your audience area going to do change it. You want your audience leaving your speech with a new directive in their head or some ideas that are worth spreading.

Have a Conversation

Think about your presentation as a conversation — keep it informal and casual. The best way to achieve this? Practice! Know your material inside and out. *Teleprompter Tips* Consider using notes or a teleprompter to practice or for use during the event. If you know your material, a teleprompter can be a significant aid that keeps you on target while also allowing you to deviate from the script in your head.

Smart Visual Aids

Use dynamic visuals to reinforce your speech. Visuals that speak to your points or keep us engaged are widely effective. Keep them brief but engaging and let them add impact to your speech.

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