3 Ways to Werk Teleprompter the Right Way!

It’s that Teleprompter Rental Season Y’all!

It’s teleprompter rental season  and that means we’ll be working with a lot of first-time teleprompter users. Happy Day! Let us make sure you deliver like a pro.

A lot of people think they can pop a script into the teleprompter and read. NO…no…and more no…
Using the teleprompter is a skill! It takes time to master, but with a few tips from us, you’ll be an expert!

Hey, it’s true — teleprompter does get pushback from some people because they find it inauthentic and scripted, but we swear, it doesn’t have to be!

You can utilize teleprompter in a way that enhances your performance and engages your audience.

These fun tips will help you or your clients ‘werk’ teleprompter like a polished pro for their next live event.


Don’t be that person that walks on stage and reads the script for the first time. You’re bound to stumble and sound scripted – people can’t stand this. We want authentic, real voices on stage that we can connect with.

Take time to practice reading from the teleprompter, make changes to the script and work with your teleprompter expert to find a solid pace.


You think I’m joking. I’m not. We want you to go off the teleprompter! We want there to be spontaneity! Just keep your teleprompter expert in the loop.

Developing a rapport with your teleprompter expert is key to building a long-standing trustful working relationship. At Prompster, we’re all about growing friendships with our clients and talent. We want to earn their trust and have them count on us to keep up with ad-libbing and making quick changes to their scripts.

Make a plan ahead of time. Practice it. If you can find the time to emcee or speak at an event, you can find a few hours to practice with an operator, speech coach and writing team. These events are relevant to your audience, and they should be important to you too!


If talent doesn’t like their content, they’ll usually speed read through the teleprompter script, and trip over their words.

How about taking a few hours a couple of days before the event to work with your teleprompter expert, scriptwriter and speech coach to finesse the text.

Make it conversational, use speakable words — this is your opportunity for people to get to know you, and your ideas.

Don’t you want that to be in your own words? These might be ‘speeches,’ but you need to approach them as a conversation.

Write them as though you’re in a room with one other person.


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