Skipping on a Teleprompter Rental could cost you money on your next video shoot.

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Here’s why you should rent a teleprompter for your next shoot…

I want the teleprompter critics out there to finally embrace the use of this powerfully utilized and effective tool.

Teleprompter NYC

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What if I could make you rethink teleprompter? You might think of a prompter as bulky, big rigs that stifle performance, but what if you started to think of them as a lightweight, mobile device that helps your talent connect and engage with their audiences?

Let’s take a look at a few examples of ‘teleprompter pushback’.

Teleprompters make it seem like a speaker is just reading from a piece of paper…

Actually, a teleprompter Help You Focus And Stay On Message…

Maybe your talent is reading the teleprompter copy because they didn’t practice their speech ahead of time. They came in cold, read from the teleprompter and immediately left the set. If your talent isn’t going to practice then it’s going to sound like they’re reading and don’t particularly care about the content.

Your talent needs to rehearse the heck out of their speech – no matter how long or short the copy. And if your talent is busy and doesn’t have time, you need to spend at least a half hour practicing the text till the talent is comfortable with their read.

The talent is comfortable, prepped, and ready, now your teleprompter will do the work as a tool and a guide.  Now, your talent can forget about memorizing the next idea and focus on their intonation, performance and engaging their audience.

When you think of the teleprompter as more a guide, a reference, and a safety net, then you can use it to its full potential.

Teleprompter rentals are clunky, hard to set up and will affect our camera angles and shots

A Teleprompter rental can be lightweight, flexible and wireless…

Maybe like 5-10 years ago teleprompters were these heavy, cumbersome and ridiculously difficult to attach to cameras, but times have changed. Unfortunately, a lot of companies in the industry don’t feel the need to upgrade their gear and lighten the load.

Prompster knows that camera rigs are smaller, more light-weight and that WE need to be flexible with our gear. That’s why we use smaller gear whenever possible and offer wireless solutions.

Our friends over at Bodelin make high-quality, customizable and light teleprompter solutions, and our teleprompter rental blog can help you find which teleprompter fits for your next production or event.

The talent will memorize their lines…

Your talent will NOT memorize their lines…

Most often when I get on set, someone on the crew will tell me I’m here to save everyone time. On their previous shoot, the talent tried to remember their lines, but they wound up going into overtime, not getting clean takes and the edit was choppy and difficult.

We all want to stay on-budget, on-time and have longer, cleaner takes. With a teleprompter, you get better performances and you’ll wrap the video shoot sooner than expected!

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