Help Me! I Need a Teleprompter for My Next Event!

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Depending on the event, production or whatever you’re planning, there are different teleprompters for the job.

If you’re producing a video with the talent looking straight to camera, then you’ll want a…

On Camera / Through the Lens / That one from Anchorman / Above the Lens

As you can see in the picture above, this type of teleprompter affixes to the front of the camera. On-Camera teleprompters can sit directly on the tripod, or it can be connected to a stand and rolled in front of the lens.

Sometimes cinematographers like the teleprompter to be on the tripod because it allows for easier camera movements. Other times, they prefer the teleprompter to be on a stand because the additional weight from some teleprompters can cause issues for the camera operator.

Other productions prefer that the teleprompter rests above the lens. This scenario is acceptable as long as the talent is about 7 – 10ft (2-3m) away from the lens.

If your talent sits or stands too close to the lens,  it will be noticeable that your talent is looking above the lens and not directly into it – giving your audience a strange, distracting eye line. Always be sure to check eye line during before shooting.

Presidential / Glass Panels/ Teleprompter Poles/ Words. Not Bullets

If you’re a production coordinator and looking for a teleprompter for a gala, live event or speech, then you’ll want to consider the ‘presidential’ teleprompter option. I’m sure we’ve all seen politicians, presidents, and celebrities using these glass teleprompters.

Amidst popular belief, they’re not bulletproof panels. This glass just reflects words, not bullets.

Use Presidential Teleprompters during events where the guest speaker stands behind a lectern. The teleprompter goes on either side of the lectern so that your talent can move from glass to glass and engage with the audience instead of their head bobbing from paper to audience.

Down Stage Monitors / Back of House Monitors

Event professionals choose these teleprompters for corporate events and meetings because the monitors let their speakers walk around the stage and have access to content wherever they go. Typically, the teleprompter notes are next to another monitor displaying the speaker’s keynote or powerpoint deck.

These are perfect for professionals looking for flexibility as they move around the stage. It also keeps them in sync with their notes and slides.

Interrotron / Direct Eye

Choose this option if you’re shooting interviews. Instead of the talent looking off-camera – this technique lets them engage with the lens and the audience at home. By having your interview subjects look directly into the camera, they’re creating a connection with the viewers and engaging them in your content.
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