Essential Ways to Use a Teleprompter More Effectively!

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Step 1: Practice Teleprompter!

Make sure you give yourself ample time to go over your teleprompter script ahead of the event or shoot. Rehearse alone, with family, or co-workers and familiarize yourself with the text. This means, reading it several times to yourself, out-loud, then making edits, changes and feeling comfortable with the material.

The more you take the time to practice, the less it will look like you’re reading the text. This way the teleprompter serves as more of a guide than a page you’re reading out of a book.

You never want to show up the day before a huge event without ever laying eyes on your speech. You’ll probably want to keep revising the speech up until the actual presentation and that’s never a recipe for success.

We’ve seen this all too many times and can tell you first-hand that you need to be prepping your speech months ahead of time. You might think that’s a bit excessive, but some of the best presenters you see have been working their material for months even years!

Step 2: Slow down!

Good teleprompter operators go at your pace, so don’t feel like you’re having to play catchup. Take pauses, use inflection, and build drama by controlling the pacing of your speech.

Step 3: Energy!

Sometimes being a little nervous is a good thing! Bring your nervous, confident whatever energy with you to the big event or shoot. People love watching energy onstage or on their mobile phones.

Step 4: Go Off Teleprompter Script

Surprised? Of course, it can be easier for us if you stick fully to script, but we all know the most authentic, real and inspiring presentations sometimes veer from what’s on the teleprompter — and that’s okay! As long as you come back to your prepared notes — at some point — have some fun and tell an anecdote or a personal story. Connecting with your audience is key and only you know what’s going to work best.

For events we’ve done in and around NYC, we always see our best presentations done by those who allot time to practice, work with professionals and take the time to practice, project and focus their energy.

For more teleprompter tips and tricks, be sure to check out We’ve also opened up a Colorado-based Prompster and we’d love for you to reach out with any questions!

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