Remote Teleprompting!

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Remote Teleprompting Guide! 


Remote teleprompting is a snap with the video conferencing software, Zoom

With Zoom, I can easily share my teleprompter software through a secure connection and work with you to prepare for an in-person or virtual event. 

Below, you can see what it looks like when I’m sharing my screen with you in Zoom. 

remote teleprompter zoom

You can full-screen the teleprompter window or create a box around any area of the screen, leaving the rest open to multi-task or refer to a keynote or powerpoint. 

I recommend that you try to position the teleprompter window near your computer’s camera to achieve the best possible eye-line — you can also use a tablet or a phone on a stand.  

And, we can go over in detail how these various options work during our personalized meeting. 


Like when you had a session with a teleprompter operator in person, you were used to fast edits and accurate scrolling — you get the same effect with remote teleprompting! 

I am able to make quick changes, edits and move around the script with ease — this is especially helpful for webinars and virtual town-halls. 

So think of this service as everything you’re used to but in a remote setting! 


What’s great about having a teleprompter operator instead of scrolling for yourself or relying on voice-activation is that you can engage with your audience and not worry about moving the script for yourself or dealing with an unreliable artificial intelligence.  

We scroll for a living and can easily get in sync with your rhythms and groove with you, but we do recommend setting up several rehearsals before the event. 


New to zoom or not sure how all this is supposed to work? 

Not a worry! We will walk you through every step of the way! 

We can get you going quickly with a couple of simple steps, and will work with you to make sure that you are comfortable with the tech!

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