Denver Teleprompter Rental

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We are here for you Colorado!

Denver Teleprompter rentals have arrived!

Hey, Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs and all the towns in-between!

Prompster — a Teleprompter Rental company — is in town, and we’re looking to be your next Denver teleprompter rental company. We recently launched our services in the mile-high area and would love to prompt your next event, video or whatever you got in store for us.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • On-Camera/Through the Lens Teleprompter Rentals
  • Downstage Teleprompter Rentals
  • Interrotron Rentals
  • Presidential Teleprompters Rentals
  • Light-weight Mobile Teleprompter Rentals

If you would like more information about how our different teleprompter setups work or how they can best integrate into your event or shoot, please check out our other posts or contact us either via phone or email. We are super easy to get ahold of and happy to answer your questions.

We’ve had the opportunity to teleprompt across the globe and have landed right in Denver to bring our worldwide expertise to you. Let us know what types of projects you’re working on and how we can best work with you and your teams.

Denver, our operators are fast, savvy and friendly! Check out more of our posts, services and teleprompter tips at

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