Colorado Teleprompter Rental!

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colorado Teleprompter Rental
Colorado Teleprompter Rental

Hey there Colorado, Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs — and all the towns in-between — renting a teleprompter package is now so much easier!

Prompster is setting up shop in Colorado with our reliable, savvy, and modern teleprompting services. Our prompter kits cater to your needs — so tell us what you’re looking to do and we can make it happen.


Here are some of the services we offer:

  • On-Camera/Through the Lens Teleprompters
  • Downstage Teleprompters
  • Interrotron
  • Presidential Teleprompters
  • Light-weight Mobile Teleprompters or iPad prompters
  • Wireless Options Available
  • Remote Teleprompter via Zoom — ask for a demo!

In fact, if you don’t see something on that list — but you have a situation that involves a teleprompter, let us know!

And with the concerns related to Covid-19, we require our operators to wear masks on set, bring along sanitizer to wipe down gear, and practice CDC and WHO recommended social distancing.

Colorado Teleprompter ??s

If you’re new to using a teleprompter or just want to learn how it works, you’ve come to the right site. We have tons of articles for you to click through to learn more about using teleprompter for video shoots and events.

And we have guides on how to use a teleprompter, and how to pick out the right teleprompter for your event or shoot.

Importantly, learning how to use a teleprompter doesn’t have to be a challenge because we make it incredibly easy with our professional and experienced operators. They’re highly trained and able to work in all types of environments.

For instance, our operators have worked on high-profile events like the Olympics, UN General Assembly, and Emmy-Award Nominated Television series.

Colorado teleprompter fans, our operators are fast, savvy and friendly, so check out more of our posts, services and teleprompter tips at Our site is a great resource for public speakers, business executives and film/tv professionals. If there’s content you would like to see more of, please let us know!

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