Secrets to Teleprompting World Leaders

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Tips for teleprompting high-profile clientele like World Leaders, CEOs, and executives.  We were at the United Nations General assembly this week, teleprompting leaders from around the world. We met with hundreds of country representatives and had logistical challenges on a daily basis.  French, Portuguese, and Spanish hour-long speeches were prompted last minute – it was stressful, rewarding, and needed a smart … Read More

Help Me! I Need a Teleprompter for My Next Event!

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Depending on the event, production or whatever you’re planning, there are different teleprompters for the job. If you’re producing a video with the talent looking straight to camera, then you’ll want a… On Camera / Through the Lens / That one from Anchorman / Above the Lens As you can see in the picture above, this type of teleprompter affixes to the … Read More

Teleprompter Uses You Should Know!

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Teleprompter Uses Enhance your videos, presentations, and films with these three unique teleprompter setups. And as always, if you have any questions please reach out to us directly at or drop us a line on Instagram @prompster. Interrotron Teleprompter Hey, so you’re watching a Netflix documentary, and 10 minutes into the program you get to the typical interview ‘talking-head’ scene. A … Read More

5 Tips for Awesome Presentations

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Take us on a Journey! Let’s hear your story. An effective way to connect and bond with your audience is through personal stories. Craft your presentation around an event that brought you to an ‘aha’ moment.  You’re going to have to dig deep into your life to connect your material to a personal moment or event.  Keep your Presentation focused … Read More