SECRETS to Teleprompting World Leaders

4 Tips to handle working with International teleprompting clients! 

We were at the United Nations General assembly this week, teleprompting leaders from around the world.

We met with hundreds of country representatives and had logistical challenges on a daily basis.  French, Portuguese, and Spanish hour-long speeches were prompted last minute – it was stressful, rewarding, and needed a smart plan of attack to make everything work without any teleprompting issues!

How did we handle the chaos? We had a fantastic workflow. Delegate Your Responsibilities 

On day one, we figured out work responsibilities. There were two of us – thankfully! This helped immensely. You’re not always going to have a partner in crime on every job, but because of the high-demands of this one, it was necessary.

While one of us formatted the teleprompter scripts in TeleScript, the other handled the country representatives by setting expectations and communicating the schedule and timing of their leader’s speech.

Do Some Research!

You heard me! This applies to any freelance teleprompting job you will work on. Do a little Googling to find out information about who might walk into the room next. At the UN, we figured out leaders’ names on the fly, how to address them, who was going to be speaking that morning and afternoon, and the proper ways to interact with the incoming country’s representatives.

If you don’t have time to research or know who you might be working with that day then just use some common sense. We didn’t have the opportunity – because of time constraints – to research everyone, so we went with the calm, respectful approach. Even with a language or cultural barrier, there’s nothing like a genuine smile and a positive approach.

Learn new techniques for your next job! Have some takeaways! 

Always be learning!  You might figure out a quicker script formatting technique or how you might find a better way to interact with an individual from a particular country or company.

Ask for Help! Take Breaks! Don’t burn out! 

Take care of yourself. If you’re working a long job with a lot of challenging personalities, make sure you take some time to refresh.

We had a challenging, exciting week teleprompting at the UN. If you’re curious to learn more about the United Nations, click this link:

Looking forward to General Assembly 2017!

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